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How Can Our 6-Month Recovery Coaching Program Help You?

How Can Our 6-Month Recovery Coaching Program Help You?

6-Month Outdoor Group Recovery Coaching

How Can Our 6-Month Recovery Coaching Program Help You?

Our sober coaching is for professionals in recovery. This is group recovery coaching set in the outdoors, based on activity. Nature is a powerful healer! Each week will bring a new activity each week. No gear or experience are necessary.

Why should you join?

Do the stresses of your responsibilities make you want to use? Does your work-life balance lean heavy toward work? Is your social life non-existent? Are struggling to find meaningful friendship? Is it difficult to ask for help? 12-Step meetings not right for you?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these, you are in the right place. Apply today or reach out to chat more. We’re also available.

Maybe Inpatient Treatment Isn’t for You

Not everyone is able to go to inpatient treatment. There may be confidentiality concerns or fear of losing employment. Perhaps there are family considerations. Or maybe you’re just not ready for that step. Some don’t need inpatient. Recovery coaching might be a good solution.

The Next Step for Some

For many, experiential recovery coaching is a great next step after inpatient or outpatient treatment. Sober coaching can be the solution when an individual finds themselves needing additional support or at a plateau. Many learning activities will be incorporated in each activity; offering opportunities to learn new skills, challenge yourself and grow. Hands-on activities will be included in each event. The skills gained transition well into everyday life. Additionally, everything we do is about relationships. If you need help, we’ll be here.

Working through goal plans in an office setting isn’t right for everyone. Setting goals and executing them can be an important part of continual growth. And we can do that outside in the sun just as well as under fluorescent lighting.

Activities include:

  • Fire building
  • Hiking
  • Map Navigation
  • Problem-solving Challenges
  • Outdoor Games
  • Deep Listening in Nature
  • Natural Observation
  • Leave No Trace
  • Camp Craft

There are many benefits to recovery coaching. You will begin to develop a sense of purpose as you find your own direction. Your confidence will grow as you build outdoor and life skills. As connection is created, you will find the support within the group which will lead to resilience. Together we will exercise and strengthen problem-solving skills and communication. You will find accountability in your own wisdom and that of the group. You will be part of a team while sharing your own self-expression. Recovery Coaching can be a great gateway to taking a backpacking trip as well.

What is Included?

Each participant will receive a weekly 1:1 coaching session. A fun outdoor experiential group coaching session will be held each week. Additionally, we will build a custom recovery goal plan together. You will receive many tools for managing stress, improving work-life balance, living a more enriching life and navigating challenges. And of course, you’ll receive a lot of support and accountability!

NOTE: Drug screening is available as necessary.

$6498 for the entire program!

Cost is $6498 per participant. Save $500 if you pay in full. Monthly payments of $1083 are available. A minimum one-month payment is required to register. Spaces are limited. The next Cohort will start Summer of 2024 with rolling enrollment. Gear will be provided as necessary.

Group collaborating over a map.
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