Nature heals. We recover together.

The journey to recovery starts with a single step.


Individual Peer Support

As peers, we engage with individuals, recovering from addiction, in an outdoor setting to learn outdoor skills, life skills and develop goals. These skills build confidence and direction. Individuals find and refine their unique path of growth. Because we are person-centered, we believe in a multiple-pathways approach. We develop a lasting peer support relationship with the individuals we meet.

One-on-one experiences are tailored to each individual. We work with each person to find the activities that resonate with them. Where we don’t have the knowledge of an activity, we learn together from professionals who do. Experiences are typically planned for two to four hours depending on the activity.

Group Experiences

As with one-on-one experiences, we can conduct group experiences for treatment centers, mutual aid groups, recovery houses and more. Group outings are typically one to two hours. However, we can customize experiences to meet your needs. Let us design a group outing for your program!


Multi-day expeditions provide opportunities to build community, learn outdoor skills and connect with nature while working as part of a team and pushing your limits. Immersion in nature creates the ideal environment to turn inward while developing goals and building skills.

Our Addiction Recovery Coaching Services can help you make progress on your path.

Nature heals. We recover together.

Peer Recovery Support

We have walked this path ourselves. We provide peer recovery support together with individuals to help find the right programs and services to meet their unique needs. Whether its trying out a new meeting, finding community resources or exploring new recovery strategies, we’ll work through it together. We develop a relationship that is tailored to provide peer support to the individual at their current stage of life and recovery. Let our experience help guide you.

Outdoor Skills

Being active in nature is at the forefront of how we engage. Nature is one of the best healers and can open the door to our inner world. Whether it’s backpacking or just a walk in the park, that connection can provide a pathway forward. We can help you find your place in nature; the foundation to walk your own path. Do you want to learn a new activity? Whether it’s outdoors or indoors, we can explore it together. The value of peer support is that you don’t have to do it alone!

Life Skills

Goal setting, diet, exercise, career decisions, personal advocacy…these are all areas we can help and more. Many of us never prioritized these aspects of life. Rarely did we ever put our own well-being first. However, it is critical to living our best lives. We can show you how through peer support services.

Who do we serve?

Our clients are individuals in recovery or trying to clarify their own relationship with recovery. They have begun a journey either through working with a therapist or through formal treatment. Our clients are seeking to strengthen their recovery, find their own path or build life goals. Through outdoor recovery coaching services, we provide you with the peer support to navigate both the inner and outer world. Nature heals. We recover together.



Through passion, presence and play, we’ll take an expedition to recovery together.

Nature heals. We recover together.

Our mission is to offer rewarding experiences, to our recovery community, that promote individual growth through educational outdoor activities; to create an environment that encourages presence and vulnerability; to do these things in a way that leaves nature better than we found it.

Our clients are empowered to build a life and recovery plan that matches their own goals. We educate clients with skills that transfer from the outdoors to everyday. Growth is encouraged through engaging outdoor activities that are conducted in an emotionally and physically safe manner.

Outcomes are achieved by showing up with authenticity, keeping our focus on the client first, understanding the client’s needs and tailoring experiences that present the appropriate level of risk to promote growth. We do this by teaching skills that transfer from the outer world to the inner world. Risks are reduced to the lowest possible level while still offering valuable experiences. Experiential learning promotes integration of the knowledge and skills gained. We strongly believe there are multiple pathways to recovery. Addiction recovery coaching services are powerful tools when used wisely.

As persons struggling with addiction ourselves, we have walked this path. Our experiences help us show you the way. You don’t have to walk it alone.





They are the people working to provide you the best experiences.

Recovery Coach and Team Member
Ken Dunn, CRS

Peer/Recovery Coach/Founder

Ken is our founder and lead recovery coach. He brings his experience from over 5 years of recovery as well as serving as a recovery mentor and founding the local Recovery Dharma chapter. His experience hiking the Appalachian Trail has helped prepare him with the skills to guide others as they connect with nature, Ken is a Certified Recovery Specialist, a certified Wilderness First Responder and a Certified Adventure Recovery Coach. He is also a certified Leave No Trace trainer. His meditation practice enables him to approach situations from a position of mindfulness and curiosity.

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