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Expert Peer Support to Make The Most of Life!

Spreading hope and joy through nature, community and shared experience

Expert Peer Support to Make The Most of Life!

Recovery Coach Ken Dunn standing on Charles Bunion during the fall.


Abby Holbach standing on a rock high about the river.

Abby Holbach

Recovery Facilitator/Independent Contractor

Abby brings over 5 years of recovery experience with her wherever she goes. Originally from Virginia, Abby has spent most of her recovery in the Shenandoah Valley, always ready for a hike or dip in the river! In addition, Abby’s background as a Wellness Director at a local women’s program allowed her to help others discover the healing nature of the outdoors as well yoga and meditation.  Also, Abby is a certified Relationship Coach, a certified Reiki Master and CRS trained. 

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